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My Name is Leah Hofmann. 
I am an Etch A Sketch Artist.

So.... it all started in May 2013 when I spotted an Etch A Sketch for sale at a coffee store in downtown Chicago. My memory returned to a quaint Colorado souvenir shop my family visited while on vacation when I was a wee child. The walls of the souvenir shop were tiled with Etch A Sketches, all displaying elaborate works of art. I stood enamored and awed looking at each sketch on the wall, especially the spot-on rendition of the Mona Lisa. Finding myself in Chicago years later with a travel Etch A Sketch in hand, I thought "I'd like to try my hand it this again."

Not too long afterwards, while preparing for take-off I started practicing my Etch A Sketch skills as a sensible airplane activity. The flight attendant walked up and down the center aisle, performing her normal duties. As she passed my row, she did a double-take and addressed me specifically:


"Ma'am, you need to turn off and stow away all portable electronics."
"But it's an Etch A Sketch," I responded.
"Well, it still needs to be turned off," she asserted as she continued up the aisle.

And there you have it. I enjoy the journey of discovering the endless possibilities of the Etch A Sketch. I look forward to creating new pieces of art that make people smile while also inspiring them to stretch their own artistic skills.




Besides sketching, I also spend my time living in New York City as an actor, singer, dancer, and puppeteer. For my performance resume and activities, visit my website


Enjoy! And Etch Your Art Out!

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